Saturday, November 8, 2014


I have been brainstorming some projects lately and getting things put together so hopefully some cool stuff will be on the way. I got some new gear too. I bought the Tamron 90mm f2.8 macro and a Tamron 28-75mm f2.8. The 90mm is amazing! I would suggest this lens to anyone. It is sharp! My only very small disappointment is the lens pretty much zooms when focusing. It stays 90mm but the lens doubles in length which makes the aperture get smaller to 5.6 on the long end of focusing. The new model has VR and is self contained. If you have the $700 that one would probably be better. The 28-75mm wasn't so great. From what I heard it was supposed to be a great lens but it was less sharp and the image quality was worse than the kit lens that came with my 7100. I ended up exchanging it for a 50mm and a 28mm. It was a good move. I love the 28mm. It hasn't been off my camera since I got it. Just a note the Tamron 28-75mm has very good reviews and the sample photos I saw were very good. I may have just gotten a bad version. 

I decided to do a little light painting in the driveway last night after a portrait idea I had didn't work out. I like the shot I ended up with. 

This second picture is from Nevada in between Great Basin and Ely. I travel up to Elko NV once a month for work and every time I drive by the wind turbines near Ely I want to make a picture of them. This time around I had my tripod and it wasn't dark when I got there so I stopped and made a few photos. This photo isn't what I had in mind but it came out okay and my wife liked it so much she demanded I put it on my blog.. so here it is. 

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