Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Carp and Snow

So it snowed like crazy here last week. St George received the 3rd most snow in its history, and I thought I moved away from it.. I went out into it and ended up playing with my cameras slow motion video setting instead of making photos but I did make one of the Carousel. So here is that photo and some slow motion video which between you and me I am not too impressed with the quality of it but it is still kind of cool. On another note over Thanksgiving we went down to the lake to feed the carp and I took my Gopro. The carp are fun too feed and I wanted to shoot some photos of them. I mounted my camera on the end of a square dowel and set it down into the carp as they were eating all the stale leftovers we had. This has been something I have been wanting to do for a while. My first time was a failure this time turned out better. I think I will try again soon. You cannot swim in the marina so to do better I think I need a longer stick. Anyway check out the carp photos below.

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  1. The still of the carousel is great. You had me perplexed when you posted one of the carp pictures on facebook. Thought maybe you fell in but knew I would have heard about it!!