Friday, July 12, 2013

The Pet Cemetery

Taken with my GoPro Hero 3
Not far from Boulder City, off Highway 95 lies the Pet Cemetery. The Pet Cemetery is a place where people from the area have buried their pets since the 1950s (as far as I can tell from grave marker dates). Someone decided to start burring pets in this patch of desert and it has been the place to lay your pet to rest ever since. This isn't an official cemetery mind you, it is just one of those strange places you find hidden away in the desert. The most recent marker we found was from 2012. I had been there before as a kid and thought the city had removed it when they widened the highway but my dad told me it was still there so Angie and I decided to go looking for it while we were visiting last week. Well we found it. There are hundreds of graves. Some marked with crosses, some tombs made of cinder block and bricks, some pilled high with toys and stuffed animals, and some dug up by animals or washed away by rain. It is a weird, surreal, creepy place and to be honest it is pretty awesome. How this place started I don't know yet but I am going to start doing some research on it I think and maybe do some photo projects there as well (sshhh, ghostly light painting).

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