Sunday, March 3, 2013


I have been shooting at least once a week keeping up my goal and getting a lot of practice with light painting. I was browsing the web this week and discovered Dennis Calvert and was blown away. His work inspired me so much that all I want to do is shoot and practice light painting. So I went out tonight to shoot and really wasn't feeling it, the light was frustrating and I wasn't getting what I wanted. I packed up and stood there trying to figure out what I could make when inspiration struck and the first two pictures here were made! I don't know which I like more so you get to see both. While editing the third photo I came up with an idea I will try soon that might make some sweet photos. Lastly I have been wanting to do some portraits lately but haven't had the chance so I decided to go back through some photos now that I have Nik and re-work some photos. Well I only re-worked one but I like it. It is nice to get new tools to use.
Here is all my Light painting/steel wool work if you want to see more.

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