Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Fun

Smokey orb.

An orb in the middle of a wool ring!

Under the bridge.

A fire whirl pool?

This one is pretty busy since there was six of us running around with lights but I like it.
So I bought some new tools for light painting last week and they arrived this week so I invited some people to come out and play. We went over to Willow Park and started making orbs next to the water. (+Mike Johnson is the orb king by the way.) After our first shot the Sheriffs showed up. I thought aw man already?We talked to them for a few minutes about what we were doing and showed them our photos when one of them pulled out his super bright flash light turned it to strobe and said "What would happen if you used something like this!" So we tried it! Mike ran around with his light for a picture. The Sheriffs left after that and we kept making orbs and did a shot with a roman candle. We headed over to the skate park after that and started doing some steel wool, orbs, and even did one with everyone running around with lights. The skate park is an awesome place to shoot but you aren't really supposed to be there after dark so you know Logan Police showed up and kicked us out. I guess they don't like to light paint like the Sheriffs do :( . We all left and were headed home after that but Erin and I decided to try the bridge near Stokes before we called it a night where I made one more shot. It was a great night with great people even with the law enforcement encounters. FYI nothing against Logan PD but if you are out on a shoot at night in a place you aren't supposed to be cross your fingers for the Sheriffs.

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