Sunday, February 3, 2013


Yesterday I realized I did a shoot every week of January. It also made me realize that I really didn't shoot enough last year, way less than I wanted and felt like I should be anyway so I decided to make a goal to keep this trend going through the rest of the year! One shoot a week all year. Part of me feels this is more than I can do but I have two days off a week and I rarely do much with them so using one for photography should be doable right? Once it warms up and the snow melts I will want to go out more too so that will help. The only way to get better at something is to practice it and challenge yourself. This will definitely be a challenge but I know it will help me get better and grow which is something I have felt like I have been lacking. So lets blow this goal out of the water! 
Here is last nights adventure. I walked (about 6 miles total) to three different places that I had picked out before I left. The old gas station on 100 South +Mike Johnson and I have been talking about shooting at, the Temple, and the park down the street from my apartment. The night kind of felt like a bust to me. I can't say I am not super crazy about any of the images but that is how it goes sometimes. Here are my favorites though. Enjoy.... maybe.


  1. I love the V-1 Oil shot. I haven't dared to go downtown in Logan to do steel wool.

    1. This was a feeler shoot. We have been nervous about it too but the police drove by once and pulled a car over near me once and neither time stopped. I didn't burn wool in front of them though.... I did burn wool in front of other cars though. It isn't illegal so the worst they could do is ask you to stop I guess.