Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Derelict Wool

It has been a month of steel wool which is not something I can or care to complain about. There is always new stuff to try and new places to go. The awesome thing about digital is you don't have film so you can experiment like crazy with really no cost. If you have an idea do it! This really makes steel wool possible in my opinion. It gives you the opportunity to try anything and be more creatively free I think. And when you mess up, don't like what you get, or your camera is taking random photos because there are 3 Nikons all triggering each other because there is more than one IR remote you can just delete the bad images! Although while this was happening last night I got a pretty cool creepy ghosty photo (the bottom picture) that I like. So on that note +Mike Johnson, Tonks, Erin and I went out to Preston to the sugar factory to make some pictures last night. It is an awesome location. I could have stayed there all night. We did a lot of light painting as usual and this time I tried a little time-lapse with my new toy, a Gopro Hero 3. I am still figuring everything out though. This was the first time I have really used it so it is far from a good video but it is still kind of cool. It is short only a few seconds. It is about 50 frames at half a second each. Stitched into a video it comes out to about 7 seconds haha. There is so much potential there that I will be going back. Check out the video and photos and like usual you can find all my steel wool and the rest of my work here. Also keep an eye out once it warms up Mike and I will get a tutorial made and share it with you.

Nothing like shining your flashlight up a floor and seeing a ghost! 

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