Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stars Over Tony

You can see the Big Dipper reflected in the lake.

The lake here came up to shore so gradually and was so still you could have walked into the water without knowing. With the stars reflected in the water it looked like you could jump into the sky and float away into space.
It was the new moon lastnight so my friend April and I decided we would hike into White Pine Lake to do some star gazing. Alas April ran a marathon that morning and was too tired to go so Levi Sim, Roger, and I went up to Tony's Grove to make star pictures. It was a lot of fun. The stars were amazing too!

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  1. Very beautiful your night long-exposure photos.. My name is Inna and I am artistic photographer. I used one of your photos in one of my poems. I have published a link to your post. You can see it here: If you don't agree, I can remove it. Thank you!